Are Body Creams and Lotions Made With Rubbing Alcohol?

The purpose of using body creams and lotions is to help moisturize skin but sometimes, these products do more harm than good because of certain ingredients used. Keep in mind that body creams and lotions soften the skin’s surface but some also penetrate the top layer of skin so any harmful chemicals used actually absorb into the body and bloodstream. 

For instance, the CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has conducted years of intense research showing that cancerous breast tumors and other tissues contain harmful ingredients used in making lotions and creams. Even more unnerving is that more than 90% of the United States’ population has urine containing these very chemicals.

You can look at hundreds of advertisements for body lotion and creams now being sold and they proudly claim to deeply penetrate the skin. Now, if the product is made from natural, organic or safe ingredients, not only is there no risk but you would enjoy smooth, soft, and youthful looking skin. In fact, some of these safe products are so effective, they can actually diminish the appearance of scars or stretch marks, and even promote infection or wound healing. However, in the case where harmful ingredients are used, the person is being put at health risk.

You will find many excellent products formulated specifically to moisturize the skin such as those made with petroleum. Although the skin would appear smooth for some time, long use of petroleum-based body lotion and creams will start to block rejuvenation, resulting in tired and old looking skin. Therefore, using products made from petroleum for an extended period of time will begin to cause the skin to age early.

In searching for the most effective and safest body lotion and creams, check for ingredients such as sebum, jojoba or jojoba oil, and manuka honey. The skin naturally produces sebum oil. If the production level is too low, psoriasis would develop whereas too much production would result in acne. Because the majority of people have both dry and oily skin, using body lotion and creams that are made with sebum will help create balance and healthier, better looking skin.

Jojoba or jojoba oil is also an excellent ingredient. This liquid wax provides a needed barrier of protection while moisturizing the skin. As a result, wrinkles will begin to fade, stretch marks diminish, and even scars go away. In fact, products with jojoba or jojoba oil also help in balancing dry/oil combination skin. Then, there is the ingredient of manuka honey, which offers both antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Manuka honey will restore healthy skin processes, produce collagen, increase skin elasticity, and eliminate damaging free radicals.

Choosing body lotion and creams containing any or all of the above-mentioned ingredients helps to slow down the aging process and decrease risk of some cancers by destroying free radicals. As you shop around, pay attention to the labels so you know what you are applying to your skin and ultimately being allowed into the body. One final note is that some products still contain an ingredient known as oxybenzone, believed to be cancer causing.