Face Lotion With Ingredients From Nature Are Best

Looking for a face lotion to help give you a nice radiant complexion does not have to be a frustrating thing. You need to learn a little about what makes a good product and you’ll have no problems finding products available that fit the bill.

Plant based ingredients are your best bet to choose when you are trying to find a skin product that will help to keep your skin looking great all day. Natural substances from plants are healthy and not harmful to your skin.

Chemical laden products can be harsh and irritating. You are better off leaving them on the shelves. Don’t even consider them unless you are sure their formulas are safe and not hazardous to your health.

The labels won’t tell you that what is inside the tube or jar is toxic to your body. Many chemicals are harmful and have been known to cause cancer.

One such chemical is dioxane. The state of California comes right out and says it is known to cause cancer. It is easily absorbed through the skin and will get into your blood stream.

There are other risky substances, such as parabens, triethanolamine, acrylamide, polyethylene glycol, and phenol carbolic acid. Some of these are suspected to cause cancer, and some of them can cause respiratory failure or harm other major organs.

If the label has a substance you’re not familiar with, check it out online by searching to see if it is dangerous. You’ll find good information from many sources that will tell you the truth about the ingredients in any face lotion you are considering.

Substances from nature, like avocado oil, grape seed oil, babassu, maracuja, and active manuka honey will nourish your skin without any dangerous effects.

Active manuka honey is one of my favorites, because a face lotion that contains it can solve a lot of skin problems, such as acne, wrinkles or dry skin. Honey has been used in skin products since ancient times.

It hasn’t been until recently that this honey made by bees that gather nectar from the manuka bush in New Zealnad has been discovered to have amazing healing abilities. It has anti-viral, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and anti bacterial properties.

It also is an antioxidant that can when the war on free radicals. This is just one of the reasons why our skin shows signs of aging.

Active manuka honey can even strengthen the collagen to help get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. To find out more about face lotion products from nature, check out my web site listed below in the bio section.