Are Body Creams and Lotions Made With Rubbing Alcohol?

The purpose of using body creams and lotions is to help moisturize skin but sometimes, these products do more harm than good because of certain ingredients used. Keep in mind that body creams and lotions soften the skin’s surface but some also penetrate the top layer of skin so any harmful chemicals used actually absorb into the body and bloodstream. 

For instance, the CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has conducted years of intense research showing that cancerous breast tumors and other tissues contain harmful ingredients used in making lotions and creams. Even more unnerving is that more than 90% of the United States’ population has urine containing these very chemicals.

You can look at hundreds of advertisements for body lotion and creams now being sold and they proudly claim to deeply penetrate the skin. Now, if the product is made from natural, organic or safe ingredients, not only is there no risk but you would enjoy smooth, soft, and youthful looking skin. In fact, some of these safe products are so effective, they can actually diminish the appearance of scars or stretch marks, and even promote infection or wound healing. However, in the case where harmful ingredients are used, the person is being put at health risk.

You will find many excellent products formulated specifically to moisturize the skin such as those made with petroleum. Although the skin would appear smooth for some time, long use of petroleum-based body lotion and creams will start to block rejuvenation, resulting in tired and old looking skin. Therefore, using products made from petroleum for an extended period of time will begin to cause the skin to age early.

In searching for the most effective and safest body lotion and creams, check for ingredients such as sebum, jojoba or jojoba oil, and manuka honey. The skin naturally produces sebum oil. If the production level is too low, psoriasis would develop whereas too much production would result in acne. Because the majority of people have both dry and oily skin, using body lotion and creams that are made with sebum will help create balance and healthier, better looking skin.

Jojoba or jojoba oil is also an excellent ingredient. This liquid wax provides a needed barrier of protection while moisturizing the skin. As a result, wrinkles will begin to fade, stretch marks diminish, and even scars go away. In fact, products with jojoba or jojoba oil also help in balancing dry/oil combination skin. Then, there is the ingredient of manuka honey, which offers both antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Manuka honey will restore healthy skin processes, produce collagen, increase skin elasticity, and eliminate damaging free radicals.

Choosing body lotion and creams containing any or all of the above-mentioned ingredients helps to slow down the aging process and decrease risk of some cancers by destroying free radicals. As you shop around, pay attention to the labels so you know what you are applying to your skin and ultimately being allowed into the body. One final note is that some products still contain an ingredient known as oxybenzone, believed to be cancer causing.

What Are The Best Body Lotions and Skin Creams

To be effective a body lotion or skin cream should be free of any harmful or toxic ingredients. This is not the case with many skin care products found on the market.

Your skin products should be as safe as the food you put into your body. Are they? How can you tell? Keep reading please, this could be one of the most important articles you have ever seen on skin care ingredients.

Below are a few of the most essential skin product ingredients:

Vitamin E
Olive Oil
Jojoba Oil

Aging of the skin has been demonstrated in research studies to be reversed by a natural antioxidant called Vitamin E. Vitamin E decreases fine lines and some wrinkles plus in can keep at bay brown age spots.

The damage to skin comes from what is called oxidation. Free radicals play a major part in causing injury to the skin cells. Antioxidants like vitamin E comes to the rescue.

Use No Synthetic Anything on Your Skin

But not just any vitamin E. It must be really natural. If not it is synthetic. Imitation ingredients do very little if any good compared to natural components. Some can even cause harm to your skin.

Honey is a very beneficial ingredient in skin creams. It well extremely well when put on irritated skin. The reason is that honey has antibacterial properties. This is because it is an antiseptic and also an antioxidant.

Honey helps the skin cells to renew and form collagen and elastin. But remember this important fact: Collagen and Elastin is manufactured by the body – not any other way.

Watch Out for Cheap Skin Care Products.

Putting collagen and elastin in a product does very little to no good at all.

Cheap drug store products contain these ingredients. Try to stay away from them.

There are many reasons that we need to not buy department store, drug store and shopping mall skin care products. Some, if not all, contain poor additives, fillers and components that do nothing for your skin.

What to Look For to Look Nice

Jojoba oil and olive oil are both antioxidants that help fight skin damage. They can help moisturize the skin for a better, smoother complexion. They do not clog up skin pores like petrolatum and mineral oil.

The best body lotions and skin creams have all natural ingredients and absolutely no imitation compounds. Vitamin E, jojoba oil and olive oil are but a few of the ingredients you need for a nicer, younger look. For more of what a good skin care system is about see the resource box below.

A free skincare guide is available that gives you some real help in establishing a simple yet effective skin care routine. You may obtain a copy of the guide and newsletter by clicking the FREE SKIN CARE GUIDE link in the resource box below.

A Quality Skin Care Body Lotion Can Significantly Improve Your Appearance

For proper skin care body lotion is an essential. There are hundreds of products on the market today and finding the right one for your skin can be a daunting approach. Your first step should be identifying your skin type and any particular contaminants you are exposed to on a daily basis so you can find a product which will address these specific needs. Though the options are many, there are things you can do to help find one which works for you. If you take the time to do so, your skin will thank you for it.

The skin is our largest organ and it is our first defense against toxins and environmental influences. Because the skin plays such a vital role, when it comes to skincare body lotion is an important tool for helping maintain both looks and health. Beauty may come from the inside, but good health definitely starts from the outside. Toxins which penetrate the skin can be absorbed into other parts of the body, so the better care you take of your skin the healthier you will feel overall.

Natural Ingredients Can Reverse Signs Of Aging

It is almost impossible to avoid damage caused by environmental influences such as smoke, chemicals and the sun, but by maintaining a healthy diet and using the proper products, we can minimize and even reverse this damage. Skin care body lotion made from all natural botanicals offers a safe, healthy alternative for improving the appearance of the skin and healing damage caused by environmental factors. Some of these lotions even contain antioxidants and other healing compounds, which can restore health by removing harmful free radicals.

Skincare body lotion which contains antioxidants enables skin to heal at the core, treating skin beyond the surface for more thorough and lasting results. These natural healing agents can address everything from fine lines and wrinkles to scarring and pigment problems. Far from just smoothing and softening the skin, they also help to reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Your skin will truly feel healthier as well as looking better.

When shopping for skin care products, be careful to thoroughly read the ingredients. Substances such as grape seed oil, sea kelp and passion fruit extract are all powerful healing agents. Essential oils from plants such as lavender not only provide a soothing scent, but they are also natural antiseptics and antibacterials. Skin care body lotion which contains these natural ingredients can be much healthier for your body and gentler on your skin.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals & Additives

A product that smells good may not necessarily be good for you. Often manufacturers will use harsh chemicals to enhance the fragrance or appearance of lotions, so reading the ingredients is crucial. Some of these harsh chemicals can cause adverse reactions such as dermatitis, acne and hyper pigmentation. You should carefully research any skincare body lotion before you apply it to your skin. If need be, you can request a full ingredient list from the manufacturer. And it is important to remember that the first few items on any ingredient list are usually the ones found in greatest quantity in the product. So if chemicals are listed before the natural ingredients, the product is not actually natural, no matter how much it might say so.

Becoming a smart shopper is your best weapon. Remember that you want to avoid any products which contain synthetic fragrances or dyes and be wary of skin care body lotion which contains a heavy amount of alcohol, as alcohol tends to rob the skin of necessary moisture. And any product which contains essential oils should be packaged in a dark glass bottle or specially lined container to prevent the oils from breaking down the chemicals in the container itself. If it is packaged in plastic, you should be wary of buying it.

Your skin reflects your overall health, so the better care you take of it, the better care it will take of you. Be smart and shop carefully for your skin care products so you can find the one that will work best for you. Smoother, healthier, younger looking skin can be achieved as long as you take the right steps. Become an educated beauty shopper and you’ll immediately notice the results – and so will everyone else!