Skin Creams And Lotions – Learn To Distinguish Between The Two

There is plethora of lotions and skin creams available in the market. For any disorder there is a wide range of skin creams and lotions are available. Due to more and more research as well as demand, availability of skin care products in the market are increasing every day for every type of skin. Both skin care creams as well as lotions are in demand but which form of skin care is a better lotion or a cream is a debatable question?

Actually it is entirely a personal selection hence there is no right or wrong answer. Nevertheless, oily creams are not as famous as non-oily creams and lotions because oily creams and lotion need to be removed before applying makeup unlike non-oily creams and lotion. Skin creams are more popular because they are easy to apply specially when there is no need to remove the same immediately on applying. Skin creams are more in demand as moisturizers whereas lotions are in demand as cleansers and toners. Though toners are available in cream form too, lotions are preferred over creams. As far as cleansers are concerned, though both lotions and creams are in equal demand inclination seems to be towards lotions

Creams help in keeping the skin moist hence skin care creams in the form of moisturizers are most in demand. Because of this reason many people relate skin care creams to dry and sensitive skin. Even though it is a fact that to some degree, skin creams are not for dry skin alone, there are also creams for oily skin as well as for normal or combination skin. For example, creams of vitamin A and Sulphur help in reduction in the rate production of sebum hence good for oily skin type.

Skin infections can also be treated by skin care creams specially infections where it has to be locally applied. This is because creams can be applied locally without any wastage. However the skin treatment demands washing of the particular area with medicine or an antiseptic product, and only then lotion should be used. Manufacturers are aware of this hence they make it easier to select between a lotion and cream.

As far as eyes and anti aging is concerned, creams are more popular than lotion.

Whether you select cream or lotion, using it properly is most important than everything else.