What Are Drying Lotions and How Can They Be Beneficial to Me?

I’m sure one of the main question you have is what is the difference between a dry and a wet lotion? Well that is pretty easy to answer! A wet lotion is a low- to medium-viscosity, topical preparation intended for application. Wet lotions like face and skin creams usually have a thicker substance to them, a dry lotion is one that would evaporate but leave the “ingredients” behind. Also, wet lotions usually “heal” things like cracked skin, rough skin, etc. Dry lotions heal things such as unsightly whiteheads and pimples by drying up the area the lotion is placed.

Just a quick side note; some people that have used this product have stated that it’s almost too drying or that it dried their skin up. As with all applications that you are using for the first time it’s best to use it sparingly at first to see how your skin will react. Dry lotions act quickly to remove those stubborn pimples and whiteheads that you can’t seem to get rid of or need to get rid of in an emergency!

Dry lotions usually include ingredients like calamine, Isopropyl Alcohol and Salicylic Acid. The calamine and Salicylic Acid ingredients combined can help fight bacteria that leads to acne and can also dry up pimples. Here are a few features of dry lotions:

– An Antiseptic and Clarifying Lotion that Exfoliates Pore Blocking Debris Overnight.

– Non-irritating Even on Sensitive Skin.

– Helps to Reduce Blemishes and gradually making them disappear.

– Starts Working Immediately.

– Your Quick Fix to Clear Skin.

There are several different brand of this product including Mario Badescu Skin Care Products, Bye Bye Blemish, Porters, Redken and many more. All these brands offer different ingredients, products for certain skin care types, as well as the obvious price differences. If your searching for products such as this, it’s a good idea to check on a few different sites for reviews from people that have also bought and used the products. As with any product there are bound to be some good and some bad reviews but the brands listed above are all quite popular among consumers when it comes to the drying lotion. If you want you can take a look at the following sites for more information as well as different reviews:

Wikipedia – Great for any information
eBay – Good prices
Amazon – Excellent choice for reviews
Rate It All – Another site good for reviews
Total Beauty – See what other people say about these types of brands and or products!